Slot machine 101

Most casino goers look at slot machines as folly, gambling portals where they might get lucky while theyíre passing the time. However, seasoned gamblers know that progressive jackpot machines can actually offer a great way to make some money.

These punters, known as advantage players, use a combination of experience, timing and patience to take advantage of a slot machine. By keeping track of certain machines throughout the day an advantage player can determine when a game is hot and when itís cold.

A slot machine can be described as hot if it has had a lot of money put into it but paid out relatively little. In contrast, a machine is deemed cold if it has recently paid out a large sum of money. Advantage players will keep a mental note of which machines have taken a lot of money and once they spot an opening they will jump in and play the game.

While there is no guarantee that they will win, these players are giving themselves the best chance possible to make a return on their investment. Indeed, in any gambling situation all you can hope to do is put yourself in better than average position and hope to get lucky.

Advantage players are usually tolerated by casino bosses because the sheer number of recreational players wagering money on the machines makes it very unlikely an expert player will have a devastating impact on their profits. So, if you want to try and win more money playing slot machines try keeping track of which ones have paid out and which havenít. By doing this you give yourself a greater chance of success.

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